One member.
One vote.

What is a Community Benefit Society?

We chose the Community Benefit Society model (CBS) because it’s a way to run a business that’s responsible, democratic, and exists for the benefit of the community. Anyone can become a member and every member gets one vote on decisions about what we’re doing, regardless of their level of investment.

Watch ‘What are community shares? An animated guide’ by Community Shares

Running Laughton Greenwood in this way contributes to the economic, social, and environmental regeneration of the community.

We raise funds by hiring space and facilities for community events and activities, through our memberships, by winning public funding, and with products like our conifer timber and biomass fuel harvests.

All profits from our activities must be reinvested for the benefit of the community as a whole. Vote for nature by becoming a member today and shape the future of our beautiful woodland.

Watch ‘The Art of Governance’ – an Interview with Nathan Brown from the Plunkett Foundation.

We want you

Become a member

Be part of a community that shares your values and interests in wildlife, education, health and wellbeing.


Laughton Greenwood is powered by a wonderful group of volunteers. We welcome your help, skills and experience.

Hire our venue

Bring the inspiration and serenity of the woodlands to your meeting, outdoor learning activity or celebration.

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