Venue hire

Providing access to nature is one of our guiding principles. That’s why we’ve built and continue to add to a range of beautiful, bespoke structures that are available for hire. Bring the inspiration and serenity of the woodlands to your meeting, outdoor learning activity or celebration, and notice the surge of creative thinking that comes from reconnecting to nature!

We currently offer three stunning spaces to members for hire. Each structure has been carefully constructed from timber sourced from the wood and can  accommodate around twenty people.

There are simple sawdust compost toilet facilities made of reclaimed materials. In time, the resource rich nutrients are recycled to feed the land.

Water needs to be brought onto site.  There is no electricity.

We have qualified first aiders available at an additional cost if needed.

Hire Prices

Main Building (Carpenters Hut):
£150.00 per day (up to 8 hours)
£90 half day (up to 4 hours) – includes access to the woods
Shelter 1 and 2:
£100.00 per day
£75 half day – includes access to the woods
Whilst you can forage your own wood, we are able to provide a crate of kindling and ready to go logs for £35/crate.
If you are a charitable organisation or a member of Laughton Greenwood, please get in touch as we are able to offer some discounts for rental.


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Our new booking system will be up and running soon!

In the meantime, please contact us for enquiries.

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