Our mission

Bringing the past and the present together to create a thriving, working woodland.

Our mission is to involve nature and conservation enthusiasts in our long term commitment to manage this ancient, semi-natural woodland.

Historically, Laughton Greenwood would have supplied the local community with timber, charcoal, firewood and food. Today, people have a vital need to reconnect with nature in ways that promote and restore their mental and physical health.

We want to bring the past and the present together, to create a thriving, working woodland that has the wellbeing of people and the environment at the heart of everything we do.

Our three goals

To create an inspirational working woodland.

We do this by supplying the local community with timber, firewood, and a working venue. This is good for our local economy and benefits the environment.

To connect people with nature, now and into the future.

We do this by creating a network of open spaces so more people can spend time interacting with the wildlife, plants, and trees.

To restore the ancient habitat and encourage wildlife.

We do this by regenerating rides and glades. Developing new habitats promotes native wildlife and greater biodiversity.

Our community benefit society members are gradually restoring the woodland to support greater biodiversity, increasing the resilience of the environment in the face of climate change. This is our highest priority. To achieve this goal, we’re providing more people with more opportunities to spend time interacting with the wildlife, plants, and trees so they value and connect to nature in new ways.

Part of this work involves creating a network of open spaces – rides and glades. These spaces will gradually develop into new habitats for native wildlife. Success stories so far include the return of species like the rare pearl bordered fritillary butterfly. You can get involved in surveying the wildlife to build up a more detailed picture of what’s alive in the wood. Bird spotters, insect detectives, and amphibian admirers are always welcome!

The Woodland Trust worked with us to develop a well-structured plan that clarified our vision for now and into the future:

  • Continued, sensitive management of the environment, including planned, commercial harvesting of coniferous trees for sale as timber and biomass
  • Further planting of native hardwood trees
  • Bringing small areas of chestnut trees back into active management
    Enhancing natural features like ponds, heathland and open areas to promote greater biodiversity
  • Developing the network of rides and paths to benefit wildlife and enhance recreational use of the woodland
  • Controlling the deer population

We want you

Become a member

Be part of a community that shares your values and interests in wildlife, education, health and wellbeing.


Laughton Greenwood is powered by a wonderful group of volunteers. We welcome your help, skills and experience.

Hire our venue

Bring the inspiration and serenity of the woodlands to your meeting, outdoor learning activity or celebration.

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