8th September 2022
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Conservation Volunteers Help Make The Woods Safer 

By Laughton Greenwood

A rewarding day was had by all at the latest Laughton Greenwood volunteering session on Sunday 4th September.  This month’s efforts were focused on clearing a long stretch of old rabbit fencing that had been languishing at the southern end of the wood.  

We came well equipped with wire cutters, spades, gloves, and wheelbarrow, and spent the morning digging up and pulling out the remnants of the tangled wire fencing that was erected years ago but which now no longer served a purpose.  

An ugly and potentially dangerous obstacle was removed; one more step towards making the woodland more wildlife – and visitor-friendly! 

In the photos, woodland ranger Hayley Coote and local volunteers Graham, John and Olivier.  

Please join us at the next volunteer session, Sunday 2nd October, 10am, all welcome

Written by Kris

Photo credit Kris

Volunteering With Laughton Greenwood

Laughton Greenwood is dependant on volunteers helping us to manage and look after the woodland for nature and humans. The volunteering session in the afternoon was a great example of what to expect at one of our monthly volunteering days. It’s a wonderful way to meet new like-minded people, learn new skills and spend a few hours in nature. Click HERE to find out more about how you can volunteer with us. 

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