20th July 2021

Get on (the) Board!

By Laughton Greenwood

The Management Committee of the woodland has been busy during the pandemic strengthening the CBS and thinking about the next steps for our future.

Most of you will be aware that in 2020 we changed the name of the project to Laughton Greenwood following consultation with our membership and wider supporters. Since then we have been looking to develop opportunities to access the woods, increase our profit-turning activities to support our sustainability – including with new buildings and signage in the woods – and consolidate our Management Committee. We are delighted to have recruited a new Chair and Secretary in the first half of 2021.

There is lots we want to make happen, and we want and need your help to achieve this! If you have ever thought about getting more involved in helping make Laughton Greenwood a valuable community resource and biodiversity success story, then now is the time! Please read on…

Bring your skills to Laughton Greenwood

We are recruiting for new members of the Laughton Greenwood Management Committee, as well as for our advisory board and other volunteers.

As an active member of the Committee you will be involved in the fascinating detail of managing and developing Laughton Greenwood as an area of increasing biodiversity, a sustainable woodland-based business, and a valuable resource for the local and wider community. This film (currently featured at the Depot website) was made before our name change but really captures what we are trying to achieve.

We meet around once a month, in Lewes or Laughton or, where possible, in the woods. We have lots of ideas about where to take the project but we are looking for yours as well. Skills from woodland expertise, business management and fundraising to community engagement, project administration and beyond are all welcomed.

A priority for us at the moment is to recruit a new Treasurer who can support our sustainability and help with the smooth operation of our financial administration. With new infrastructure in the woods providing new commercial opportunities focused around community ise and engagement, it is a very exciting time to get involved.

What can you expect with the Role of Treasurer?

Over the last five years significant progress has been made to restore and improve this site of ancient wet woodland and conserve it as an important community asset. In 2018 Laughton Greenwood was established as a Community Benefit Society with a membership and democratic management structure. We are currently seeking an enthusiastic person to support the next phase of its development in the crucial role of Treasurer on our Management Committee.

The Committee meets 8-10 times per year – ideally in the Woods, or in Lewes – though we have had a lot of online meetings during covid! As Treasurer you will work closely with the bookkeeper, Chairperson and the Committee to oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements to ensure the sustainable running of the woods and help steer our strategic development as a social enterprise. You’ll work with any paid consultants to provide clarity to the Management Committee on the financial implications of projects to aid decision-making, and take a key role in preparing annual budgets and accounts.

If you have a head for figures and a passion for woodlands and helping human communities and natural environments flourish and would like to know more, then please send an email to info@laughtongreenwood.co.uk – We would love to hear from you.

Other Opportunities

As well as the Management Committee we are looking to revive our advisory board, a more informal circle of supporters with particular expertise we can draw on, and who may attend some Committee meetings as well as supporting at events and with raising our profile.

We also need anyone who may be able to offer some time as ad hoc volunteers in a range of areas – e.g. events, fundraising, public communications and developing our Membership.

If you would like to know more don’t hesitate to express your interest by writing to us at info@laughtongreenwood.co.uk.

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